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When you think of cage free or free range chickens your mind imagines them roaming free in lush pastures, basking in the sun and searching for tasty bugs. Sadly, this is not the case. The USDA says that chickens can still be confined in a large building rather than in small cages and that can be called cage free. They may still be living wing to wing in grossly overcrowded conditions. Now imagine a small door that's open only a few hours a day, where they can go out into a small penned area. The USDA says that can be labeled free range. Of course with that many chickens they've killed all the grass and eaten all the bugs long ago. And there's not enough room for them all to get out there anyway. Here at American Way Farm we pasture raise our hens. When they return to their coop at night we close the door for secure predator protection. We open the door all day to allow them access to pastures, the goat barn, wherever they'd like to go in search of whatever chickens find most tasty. This results in happy, healthy birds that lay the most nutritious, best tasting eggs.


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