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Denbow Arcres Farm Avalanche
ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf, 2019 herd sire.  VVV87 @2 yrs old. He is beautifully built, long and level, great rear leg angulation, extended brisket, overall width, and insane dairy skin. His twin sister SG *4M Denbow Acres Farm Diane Legacy is a recurring member of the ADGA ELITE 99th percentile, approaching Top 10 amounts in milk production with extended lactations! She hasn't dried off in 3 freshenings, since late winter 2017, consistently producing 6# daily, peaking at over 8# in her last lactation. Both his dam and full sister are both SG. This boy has the whole package backing him!
Owned by Rose Acre Nigerians.

Thorn Brook Farm Gordon
ADGA and NGS registered Nigerian Dwarf, 2018 herd sire. Gordon now resides on another farm with a whole new harem of ladies.


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